Squirt Instructor Marcus London makes Deauxma's Holy Waters shoot forth, like Moses getting water from the rock, filling my crystal bowl with pure amrita Photo: JuxLii

Lay down your arms, pull down your panties and shoot the water cannon between your legs! Squirt bombs produce “Shock & Awe” with zero casualties. This is just one reason why I’ve been a female ejaculation buff for over a decade of good times and soaking wet sheets.

So when the new “Squirt Instructor” in town tweeted @DrSuzy to say that he wanted to be on the show, I just couldn’t say no. He introduced himself as Marcus London, and he had the sexy Bri-ish accent to match, but it wasn’t his tongue I was interested in. After all, it’s his fingers that do the walking, and the rubbing of the G-spot that makes Read the rest of this entry »