hello, my sexy beasts

Walt told me that I should post, and tell you all that I'm coming back.
I am.

I wasn't going to post that, because I'm kind of really wasted.

Mike finally left me.
We finally broke up.
I've been a mess since.
Right now, I'm drunk on everclear, and I was checking this page for my poetry.

But I love all of you, and I will be back.

I am incredibly horny

And I have no idea what to do about it.
Porn doesn't get me off.
I've read all the online stories.
And I can't figure out how to get ont he aim chat rooms.


Ohhh Today Today! An Account of the Past Several Days with some pictures thrown in.

Today is the first time that I have bathed since that little black dress party; partly because I have been drinking non-stop since then, and partly because I am a disgusting human being.

Isn't that something all of you wanted to hear? I know that I would if I was reading this for entertainment.

Anyway, here's how it went:

Little Black Dress Party (abridged): I got way shnockered semi-accidentally before even going to the party. I went to the party, and hit shamelessly on an Israeli Frisbee Player; and then somehow (I think) signed myself up for the Women's Ultimate Frisbee-team. I broke my sunglasses,

and then went back to my friend Kate's house, where I think I then ALSO shamelessly hit on a bunch of Freshman, whilst also flaunting how fantastic I am (because I'm an asshole like that). When I woke up in the morning, I had a large bruise on my leg, and I was clutching the DVD Sin City much like it was the Holy Grail. I have no idea what happened.

We then went to a diner, where I ate disgustingly greasy food, but not before drinking a beer to attempt to rid myself of the god awful hangover feeling. That did not work, and the whole drive home, I lay in the trunk of the car with my friend Kate, praying for death, or vomit. Whichever came first.

We got back to her house, I drank another beer. Ken called me to tell me that he was at my house, and where was I?

I said that I was drinking beer at my friends house and proceeding to die.
Exhibit A:

I got into my car and drove the half hour back to my house, struggling to push down vomit and regret-like feelings. When I got there, Ken presented me with a dozen roses. I rushed to my toilet, and vomitted; then I grabbed a hard apple cider. And then I said Thank you, and kissed him.
With vomit mouth.
I don't think he minded.

That's about what's been going on.

Mike just texted me informing me of this:

"For the past three months, everytime we had sex I had to close my eyes and think of my ex girlfriends. Couldn't get off otherwise."

Wow does that make me feel like shit.

Listen, Friends:

Thank you for the advice.
It was not a real suicide note, but I do hope you keep it in case anything happens.

I realize that life is precious, and all that crap.
I understand that suicide aggravates alot of people.
And no, it was not for attention.
If it was for attention, I would have sent it to people who knew me in real life.

But thank you, anyway.

My Suicide Note:

As I told walt (melouser:buzzkill):

If you're wondering why I posted this here, it's so that if any of you make it to my funeral, when and if I have one...you can have this to show to the people who didn't know me at all.
You guys know me better than anyone I've lived with does.

I have always wanted to die. Since the time I could remember, I have always wanted it.
I have always just wondered what my funeral would be like,
What people would remember me as.

The time while I was dating Mike was the only time I didn't think like that.
The only time that I didn't get the urge to cut.
The only time that I felt whole.

So now, I really just need to find the correct method to do it.

I wonder who would find me?
I wonder how someone would figure out I was actually gone?
And further more, I wonder if Mike would even be around to find out.
Would he find out? Would he realized what he had lost?

What am I doing with my life?
Absolutely nothing. I am doing nothing. I am reading books, and knitting.
I am crying, and drinking, and writing papers.

When I graduate, I will just be doing the same thing.
I will not be doing anything but reading, and drinking, and waiting around for the big thing that's never going to happen.

I wrote a suicide note on here once, and it was probably the worst piece of writing I have ever created.
It was right before I informed the melo community that I had downed 98 tylenol PM by the handfull.

I know that I have enough medication in my closet to do it.
I know that when I go home form work, I'm goingt o want to take them.
I know that I can't because I have finals to do tomorrow.

What the fuck? I can't kill myself, because I Have finals. I can't make myself happy, because I'm always trying to appease other people.

My Suicide Note.
To all of those that have loved me, and helped me: Liz, Walt, Jenny: I love you. I love you all more than you could ever know, and meeting you was one of the best things that happened to me. I hope you can understand that I want nothing more to do with being around.

I hope you can understand that I'm not doing this to hurt you, I'm not doing this to be spiteful, or selfish.

I'm doing this because I can not ever see myself being happy, or making other people happy.
I am a selfish, gluttonous being; and if there WAS a god, he would have let me succeed the first time that I tried to kill myself.

Last night I went into Cardiac arrest, and when I was told that; I wish that I could have been alive just to realize, and be happy for the first time. Be happy knowing that I am going somewhere other than here. Somewhere where I can see people that I loved, people that loved me, and knew me before I became what I am today.

I'm not sure if this makes any sense.

I overdosed.

I took far too much, and also drank way to much.
I got brought to the ER, because melouser:jennifercalling said it looked like my typing was just me banging my head against the keyboard.

So she called the police to my address, they came, and escorted me to the ER.
Drank charcoal, and I don't remember much less.

But apoarently my heartstopped working,
And I was dead for a few minutes.

EDIT: This is what my conversation looked like with someone:
play. are upi at pwlr. rp cam upi ca;;? ots' jard tpe.

I'm at work

lsmr. well, I can home, took a handful of xanada becuse wtjure' tere wjem upi pmeed em wmeicase?

you came home and took a handful because something upset you?
Then my ex came and picked me up from the hospital.

Does ayone know how much axnax causes an overdose?

It woud seem that my valcelie=ar attitude concerning cxanx and alcohol has caused some problems,

And I wondering if any ofyou clever epople out there know about it?
How much is an azoverdose?

I had an awesome date last night:

With this kid:

I'm pretty sure that he's dashingly handsome, and all you ladies are jealous, but despite that...

I think I've met my match.

Hooray HOORAY!

I got it!
Thank you Suckassery, adrn5150, thelastdreamer, and buzzkill for helping me out.
You guys are my HEROES!

I ordered it just now, should be here in a few days!


30 dollars, and then I'm paying the rest on my own.
I found one on ebay.
It would be sweet if I could win it.

I'm sorry if I seem a bit obsessive, but at this point, it's become my numero uno goal!

Yesterday Evening, Mike Came Over [[AND]] DONATE TO MY STIPPER POLE FUND

yes, I'm still going strong on the stripper pole.
I need like, 90 more dollars, and then I should be good.
The donation button is in the post below this,
Anything will help.
It's for my fitness!

Anyways, Mike has been in this habit of coming over my house every once in a while, and having sex with me. In the past I thought this seemed like a good idea, mainly because I am a sexually driven individual, and everytime I slept with him I thought it was one step closer to him coming back to me.

Last night, it didn't feel that way.
I didn't want to sleep with him, I didn't want to cuddle with him, and I did NOT want him in my bed.

I think that this is a healthy thing, because it means that I'm beginning to realize that I can do SO much better than him. I mean, I should be with someone who has something going for him (other than Rockstar-dom which is, let's face it, a pretty bunk trade after the age of 30), who dresses well, and who loves me.

The problem is, I can never date "nice" guys. I mean, I don't know what the problem is, but I just can't. I'm working on it. I really am. I just want to find someone to settle down with, and stop being so crazy. You know what I'm saying?

So, I think that from now on, I'm just going to ignore Mike, it will be difficult, and it will break my heart a whole bunch, btu I really don't this him coming over and sleeping with me whenever he wants to thing is a good idea.



And he is the first person ever to know me in real life that I let in on this site.
Go give him some love!
He's hilarious!

Melouser: cubby

So, the stripper pole [[or]] DONATE TO MY FUNDING

They usually cost 125-150.
So, I'm debating if maybe I should just get a paypal, and people can donate.
I need to know if people would actually help me with this endeavor.

Any little money would help, and I would really like to pursue this, So.

Plus it was just my birthday, AND christmas is coming up.

Also, once I get this stripper pole, I will make videos, and I WILL post them.
So everyone will benefit.
Or maybe I'll do little private shows for people who donate.

PS: I will also contribute to this.

CURRENT BALANCE: 43.00, from 2 Donators!

PS:I'm starting stripper classes, and I need a pole.

I'm starting stripper aerobics.
Who wants to buy me a pole?

There will be pictures and videos in it for you if you really will!

I bought myself DVDs, but if you wanna buy me some,

I swear there will be something in it for you!

Just so all of you know what Happened after I took the Xanax:

I ended up fainting, and knocking my head on the back of the table.
This, of course, was after Mike had already left.

So when I woke up with blood everywhere, I called him.
He said that he was gonna think about what to do, and call me back in 15 minutes.

Apparently I passed out, because he called me 4 times, and I heard nothing, and didn't wake up until around midnight. and then feel back asleep.

Anyway, I went to the campus doctor's yesterday, because I'm too cheap to go to the ER, and they wanted to keep me in a holding room, and put me on an IV for nutrients and fluid.

They said that a possibility of why I might have fainted was because of the fact that I haven't been eatting or sleeping.

I explained to them that that was why my doctor put me on Xanax, because both of those things were products of my anxiety that I've been having.

Then they asked if I was suicidal, or having thoughts of hurting myself, or had an eatting disorder.

I said: No. I took some Xanax so that hopefully I could get to sleep, I'm not depressed anymore, my ex and I are trying to work things out, I was just trying to calm down.

They wanted to send me back to the psych hospital so I said, and I quote:

"Fuck this. I've told you I'm not suicidal, I LOVE to eat, I just can't keep it down, and I'm having trouble sleeping because of the fact that my mind is raising because I'M UPSET THAT MY BOYFRIEND BROKE UP WITH ME. I'm not staying here in your holding tank, I'm going home to my house, and sitting on my sofa. Give me the fucking refusal of care form, I don't want to be here anymore."

The end.

Doctor prescribed me Xanax.

I think it's reallllly funny/stupid that a doctor would prescribe someone like me Xanax.
I mean, he knows my history with both drug addiction, and suicidal tendencies,
And he just gave it to me.

I didn't even ask for it.
It's a high dosage too.

He also raised the level of my anti-depressants.


Also, I just read a list of people that you should NOT give Xanax to...I qualify for like half of the list.
However, I'm going to take them for a bit, and see how it all goes.

An Update about What's going on:

Yeah, it's kind of less confusing now. He says that because of his career, he feels it's best for us to be separated. He says that this is a make or break sitaution for him, and if it doesn't work out, he doesn't want to take me down with him because he cares about me. I think it's a good thing, that he's taking me into consideration.

I'm not supposed to telling anyone, because we want to remove that stress associated with awkward social situations, but, with that said:

We're going to be in an open relationship, a trial if you will. If he sees that I can cope with not being so needy/aggressive we can get back together.

He's going to stay at Rich's, and I'm gonna live in the apartment, but we can still talk, and say I love you, and all that, as well as hanging out on occassion.

I think that this could be a very productive thing because of the fact that we never really had that "first dating" and staying at separate places stage, it was always him sleeping next to me.

So this could be productive for both of us.

The only thing I find sketchy about it is how low down we're keeping it, I mean, he said: To everyone else, we are broken up, and just being best friends, but to you and I, we are in a slow down/break stage. I guess I can understand that, because of the fact that when one says you're in a relationship, it always makes things akward. I mean, he's just focussing on his music anyway.

He also promised PROMISED that if I could show him that I don't need him around all the time to make me feel better, and I don't need to be too aggressive, that we will get back together.

I knew I had to work on that anyway, so it's a win win situation, I think.

The parameter/Thing that I need to work on is that, if he calls saying that he can't hang out on a certain night, or whatever, I can't get angry about it.

Simple, right?


You know what? No Man's gonna break me.

He called me today, after I arrived at home, and he had removed all of his things from my apartment.

I explained to him all of the things that I could change, he said he might come home.

If he doesn't, whatever.
If he does, great.

I've said how I feel, now it's up to him to deal with it.

I'm still heartbroken.

Mike Broke up with Me.

We're done.
I'm single.
I want to fucking die.

Support is needed.
I thought he was the one.

Apparently I'm a Miserable bitch...

Mike tried to make our anniversary perfect yesterday. He got me a rose, he got me beautiful earrings, and he was the sweetest man alive.

Unfortunately, at the show we went to, I got way too drunk off of soco and johnny walker red and my flask of captain that I turned into an utter and absolute bitch.

I left the house that he and I were at after the show without him, and decided to drive home, and then I almost broke up with him.

By the time we got home (he took his car), I was in such a selfish hissy fit that I went on for probably like, 2 hours about how worthless I was, and what a piece of shit I was, and how he was making me feel like I should just die.

All he was doing was telling me that I needed to calm down, because he was sick of dealing with my bullshit for the night.

This morning when I woke up, I felt so intensely guilty. I can't beleive that I could be so selfish and uncaring. I could have inadvertantly caused he and I to break up...on our fucking Anniversary. God. He tried to make it perfect, and I completely bungled it up because I'm fucking miserable.

So, I have decided that I'm going to quit drinking, or atleast, when I drink, only have one beverage. I don't need to get completely obliterated anymore. All it leads to is me waking up and remember that I did/said things that I wouldn't even concieve of if sober.

Also, I didn't know this, but I guess if you're taking anti-depressants you shouldn't drink anyway, because apparently it causes intense depression. Go figure. Maybe that's why I went so over the top insane last night.

Anyway, I'm trying to think of a way to make it up to him, because I feel utterly awful. I need him to see that I'm not some crazy bitch, and that I do love him, I'm trying to make a difference.

So, tonight, when he gets off work, I think I'm going to have some pasta cooked and waiting for him, and the candles lit. I also am going to have Killer Klowns from Outerspace waiting to be played.

I'm thinking anniversary do-over.

I really hope that I didn't completely ruin the best thing that I Have going for me.

I wish I could tell him all of the things that I said here, but it would just sound trite.

Fuck. I hate myself.

Today is my Anniversary!

Pretty exciting,
I'm sitting here waiting for Mike to get off work
I'm thinking about sneaking around the house and seeing what he got me.
But I don't think I will, because surprises are always fun.

Tonight is going to be so much fun!
Photos of costume later!

Halloween and Anniversary.

About to go to school, just thought that I should stop by and update a little bit.

5 classes in a row.

Tomorrow evening I'm playing a show,
It's me and Mike's anniversary.
We were going to go as Fred and Wilma Flintstone, and Lola was gonna be Dino, however the costume store was all out.
Damn it.
I don't have the time to sew us the costumes either. :[

Instead we are going as a plug and socket.

How do I get EXE Files to play on Macs?

I just wanna play ragnarok.
Or do, maybe, any of you know where I can find a free server that will download to mac?

I been busy FUHDAYYYYS!

But I'm back! Yayyy! Much love for me.

I have found a renewwed obsession in heroes,
I have aced all of my midterms,
My contract for the record label is signed, and I'm in the process of recording a CD.
I got a hair cut.
I was in a pretty serious car accident with a semi and a tractor trailer while I was going 75 miles an hour.
But other than that, I'm pretty much same old me.

Picture soon.

I am so incredibly sick that even typing this saps too much energy...

I have been sick for the past like, 4 days.
Sick as in, haven't gotten out of bed, unless it was to piss or vomit.

I am miserable.

I'm sorry that I'm neglecting my melo in such a way, but I can't even bring myself to turn the television on.

I have no energy at all.

I got my boyfriend an awesome anniversary present...

It's a little early, our anniversary is Halloween, however...
[[mind you, this whole thing was a bit of an ordeal for me]]

I knew that he wanted an XBox 360, because we used to have one, but our old roommate broke it. He's always wanted one of his own, but never really had enough money to buy it.

So, I was browsing amazon for some books today, and came across an XBox 360 (seemingly random, but I also got distracted by engagement rings. Go figure)

Anyway, I remembered that once I had had an account on ebay, and decided to try that out (even though I never did anything with it).

SO I signed on to ebay, and found where the xbox 360s were.
It took me a bit of time, because of the fact that I don't understand the whole bidding process, or whatever, but eventually I ended up procuring a brand new xbox for 130 bucks. Not bad. Came with two wireless controllers also.

So, that should be coming in the mail any time now.

I'm happy about this for several reasons:
1. My boyfriend will love it.
2. I can also play awesome RPGs on it.
3. I got it for cheaper than I usually would have.
4. I proved my technological prowess over that dastardly beast e-bay.

A note about women:

Do not take people in your life for granted,

Because they may be malevolent bitches like myself, who probably won't take it very well.

I am now A Published Poet.

Go Me!
A British Literary Journal liked my poetry, and I am being published!


Thank you, fuckdoll ♥


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Re: Tired [[or]] Perks of being a Barista.

Such rudeness is unforgivable.

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Re: public

Happy meloversary. :).

darkbluelight's picture
Re: Tired [[or]] Perks of being a Barista.

Not a barista, so I can't say I know EXACTLY what you are going through cause I know there are people who are crazy about their coffee.

I am, however, in the customer service field (I work a health foods store) and I can't tell you the entitled, overly picky, crazy (and I don't mean like "seemingly crazy", or "my opinion of crazy". I mean literally crazy), and intentionally snooty, rude, mean, downright lazy and shitty people I deal with on the day to day.

And having my boss's up my ass about how I can better serve these people that clearly can't serve themselves to carry their own shit, bag their own shit, FIND their own shit, or treat anyone like a fucking human being makes me foul. Oh, so foul.

I have high standards for people. I had to dial them back over the years because my existentialism is too harsh. I hold MYSELF to too high a standard, I don't expect others to match it.

But, I am constantly appalled that people can lack the BASIC decency involved with helping people, being grateful for help, realizing when someone going out of their way or being especially nice, or just not being stuck in their own delusional bubble.

Anyway, I digress. Didn't mean to piggyback your rant.

Hope the shitty folk aren't holding you down.

buzzkill's picture
Re: Oh Hey!

indeed you are a dickbag. ;-)

candy's picture
Re: Oh Hey!

I've been looking into moving too.

We used this website to try and hone in our choices


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Re: Oh Hey!


sleeping_in's picture
Re: Oh Hey!

I wish pax east was in my plans. Would love to go this year...

xyro's picture
Re: Oh Hey!


eastcoast's picture
Re: Oh Hey!

anyone who says cali can literally die.

dorktothemax's picture
Re: Oh Hey!

No, don't move to Austin! Come to Raleigh! We'd love you here, and it's super affordable!

broken_thought's picture
Re: Oh Hey!

SF/Bay Area (California). I only vote this because its my plan to move to the bay in the next year or so.

ainecara's picture
Re: public

You're quite welcome. :).

brandillio's picture
Re: public

ayo you're gonna get a married!!!!

adrn5150's picture
Re: Oh Hey!

You're not bad melo'er. Lots of us are barely using it lately. I always vote to move to Cali but we are expensive here

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Re: Nghhhh. [[The Engagement]]

yah, I'm trying to get over it...ha.

crypticwhore's picture
Re: public

Thanks, lady.

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Re: public

oh haiiiiiiii. <3

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Re: public

hi friend.

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Re: Nghhhh. [[The Engagement]]

This must be a horrible feeling.

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Re: public

Happy Meloversary to ya!!! Hope you're doing well

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Re: public

Happy meloversary. :).

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Re: public

You have been nominted by your fellow melo peers as one of the cutest girls on melo. Voting will be starting on Wednesday, so should you choose to particpate please direct me to an already existing photo of yourself or you can send one to my email. (Let me know if you would like my email.) You can also leave me some form of message that you would like to include with your photo.

More information is available on my melo front page or you can contact me with any questions you have. :]

Congrats again!

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Re: I can't make friends. I'm friend deficient?

That happens as you get older. I think it's a part of what happens as your soul dies. Sorry, I'm apparently a bit pissy today.

jocelyn_8705's picture
Re: I can't make friends. I'm friend deficient?

girl, aint nothing wrong with you. Getting married makes you realize how many friends you really have, doesnt it? Seriously, Im going to have 3 MAYBE 4 bridesmaids and i havent even seen some of them in YEARS... Ha.
I think we can all at times be pretty selfish and self absorbed. Its pretty normal for me anyway. I just try to be a friend the best i possibly can and those that are patient enough with me are the ones that i work hard to keep as friends. I consider you a friend. :) Idk what could be ole girls problem but she doesnt seem like she's really worth all that...

ainecara's picture
Re: I can't make friends. I'm friend deficient?

I haven't spoken to you too much on here. But when I have, I have found you to be nice, funny, smart, and polite.

So I honestly don't think anything is wrong with you. In fact, from what I have read of the gspots here, I think anyone would be very lucky to call you a friend. :).

Instead, the fault lies with the people that you are surrounding yourself with. And that's not your fault. It's theirs. But yes, it can hurt when they are like that and either don't have a clue that they are or don't want to do anything about it.

I really do hope that you find people in real life who not only care about you but go out of their way to show you. *big smile*

pariah_siren's picture
Re: I can't make friends. I'm friend deficient?

Sidenote: thinking about it now my BFFs I hardly speak to or see too often but we would do anything for one another in the drop of a hat if we had to.

pariah_siren's picture
Re: I can't make friends. I'm friend deficient?

I can understand feeling catty or girly about having female friends. eastcoast said it best already about how people are selfish, most of them anyways. I guess the only part that throws me off is when you says you want to secure friendships for bridesmaids. how many do you need? how many do you have? How many are actually necessary? I agree that securing friendships is a good idea and in my old age (26) Im finding the idea of more friends than the ones I already have who are close to me, overwhelming and honestly not worth the effort to try and get to know new people unless it happens naturally and is good and being aware of those who aren't. I just don't have time to deal with other people's bs when there are bigger things going on.

I definitely don't think you are doing it wrong. im excited to read you are getting married! that's exciting and so what if you only one or two bridesmaids???

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Re: I can't make friends. I'm friend deficient?

Ugh, I feel the same way. I moved to a new place 2 years ago and still have no friends to speak of.

And I'm with her vv I would totally hang out with you too.

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Re: Tired [[or]] Perks of being a Barista.

Having been a barista I know this feel.

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Re: public

promises are always garbage.
some people just don't live long enough to break them.

inelegant_x's picture
Re: I can't make friends. I'm friend deficient?

I would totally hang out with you.

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Re: I can't make friends. I'm friend deficient?

I'm right there with you. I feel that in A LOT of my friendships this has happened to me. I have always had a "friend", but I haven't really had a best friend. It's sad, because I never really had that person that I hung out with all the time, and was always around.

And now, with my daughter around it has gotten even worse. I guess it makes you kind of sour when your kid is around most of the time when you are hanging out. I am still a person, though!

Lastly, I love you, Mercer. You have been a friend to me. It's a shame that distance can keep away people who otherwise might be great friends =).

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Re: public

*shrugs* i suppose.

unwanted_soul's picture
Re: Engagement Photos [[The Engagement]]

that smile is just amazong, you look so pretty, its nice to see you so happy :)

candyass's picture
Re: I can't make friends. I'm friend deficient?

I'd be a bridesmaid if only you lived closer. You are awesome, Mercer. And very much liked. *loves*

eastcoast's picture
Re: I can't make friends. I'm friend deficient?

people aren't worth the effort. you'll find that out over and over and over again. the ones who are worth it are VERY few and not many are around at the same time. if i put my phone in a box and leave it in my room for 3 days i can come back and the only texts i'll have will be twitter notifications. people are selfish and it's fucking disgusting.

i realize how negative this all sounds but seriously the past couple months have made me feel more and more antisocial.

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Re: I can't make friends. I'm friend deficient?

I sometimes feel the same way. I think when you do drugs the people that are around you aren't really real friends. I don't know. Thats how it seemed to me. There is nothing wrong with you or i. I think other people are the ones with the issues. :p at least I'd like to think so! :)

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Re: I can't make friends. I'm friend deficient?

I have plenty to say on the matter. I don't have many RL friends that I'm able to hang out with frequently. I've told you most of my friends live a solid 60 miles from me. You are a good friend. You always look to do right by your friends. I've never known you to not want to do right by them.

The people that you wind up being friends with however, a lot of the time are douchebags. She is a douche. You are under a LOT of pressure with the wedding coming up, I can understand that, and I'm barely on the freaking fringe of the thing. lol.

When you were doing drugs, it seemed like you had a lot of friends, but it was because they were doing drugs, and I'm sure for at least some of them it was a survival instinct. I've always been a believer that you don't need a lot of friends. You just need a few good ones that you can count on.

When I come up for PAX you're going to meet a good portion of my friends, and I know you'll get along with most of them.

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Re: I don't believe in resolutions, unless it's 1366×768

May your life be fun, fantastic, and your dreams come true...except the one in which Ganondorf fights the Aquabats. Pray that day never happens...

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