Fuck off, Life.

So, I was dating this wonderful guy, who made me feel like I deserved to be happy and made me feel gorgeous..Well that guy was a lying son of a bitch and I'm pretty much done with everything. Turns out he was living with this bitch, technically his ex, and didn't think to tell me about it until she flipped out and he moved out. Oh, but what makes it better? We WERE still gonna be together, because he was over her, ya know?

Except yesterday, after an amazing day together he had to go back and get the rest of his shit...and now he still has feelings for her.

Pretty much I might go kill myself. Or her..or him. FUCK

Hey! Hi! Hello??

Remember me? The one who lives in a house with you?

The one who helps buy groceries and pay rent and cleans? Remember how I am still here?

Because you're seeming to forget that someone else lives here, and your crap is taking over every fucking inch of space in this house.

Hellooo?? Can I please just have a fucking inch for myself?


Why bother?

I really fucking hate the question, "So, whats new with you?"

Seriously? If it's been almost three years since we've had a solid conversation, why fucking bother? You already know the answer.


What do they expect? "Oh, well I got a new job, my love life has crumbled, my car is breaking down, I've gained 35 lbs. I turned 21 so now I go to my favorite bar on the weekends. My friend had a baby, I talked to my mom last week."

Fuck that, if you wanted my life story, you should have been around to hear it.


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Happy Meloversary

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