Long Time, No Posting...

Yeah, well, A lot has happened in the past few months, I gained a boyfriend whom I love very very much, I moved to a different state for the 12th time in my life, I've met some really cool people in a small, small school of retarded conformists, Uh... I lost 15 pounds :) However mad my boyfriend is. Lol. Yeah, I start driving in 5 months. I know there are other things but my mind hasn't been with me all day. I'm slowly convincing my mom to let me dye my hair blue. My dad moved (well, rather, stayed in Virginia while we moved to Ohio)... I miss my boyfriend as he's still in Virginia... I... Uh... I... dunno. I think that's it. But surely it couldn't be. This time I'm going to try updating more often. So yeah. Oh, and my new alias online is Ales. So refer to me as that. Not my real name. :)


God damnit, my friend from North Carolina fucking got in a car accident yesterday. He was going 80 on a dinky little spare tire that is only supposed to go 45... He lost control and hit a tree head on. He died instantly.


Daniel Perry

*1982 - November 9, 2004*

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