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A little food for thought

Since I've been reading/paying attention to "features the site should have" and remembering posts of yore about how this place is going to be a gold mine.

Twitter, a service that allows people to write short posts of limited characters, launches in March of 2006.

Melodramatic develops and launches a service that allows a quick post with limited characters feature in November 2004.

This site had a web standard a year and a half before everyone else.

The true melo app

Simply a small app that tells you if the site is up or down.

The end.

Vote Sloth Pope early, often and always.

In case you needed to know, my nails are shorter.

You know you're a spammer when...

The hit CD of 2012!

Fuck Yeah, Episode 1!

...as seen on Facebook...

When asked about the changes to facebook, this appeared:

That is all.

This is what you look like when you complain about melo being down.

Still Need More Members For the "Exploiting My English Friends For Photos" Experiement

I'm still looking for you friends to take pics of: Liverpool St., Canary Wharf and Knightsbridge Underground stations.

Inquire within.

A New sponsor for my melo: Corn Syrup

Bill Hicks "It's Just a Ride"

Another proud melo sponsor: The Shake Weight

A new sponsor for my melo: The Sarah Palin Network

Remember when all you uppidity kidlets said...

...I was an asshole for saying that setting an impossible to reach deadline was a bad thing?

I'll be accepting your apologies in the gift and cash form.

...not every football game is the called The Super Bowl...

Folks, let's be real. This party that's being advertised on the front page isn't the Meloversary.

Stop calling it the Meloversary.

What this party is, is just simply another melo event that 99% of you aren't going to thrown on by the SoCal clique. And those last two words are what's wrong with this site and will forever be wrong with this site. All of you, especially of those in said clique, view that little group of people that live within a stone's throw away from each other as representative of melodramatic. In eight plus years have you not seen that?

Ideally, a "meloversary" should be the celebration of this site and the people who have made the site what it is. Ideally there's a time frame (around when the site was created...aka transforming from one girl's personal blog to an active community based around everyone's journals and the interactions of those journal writers) which is utterly being ignored beyond "we need to have something this year." And ideally, the way the party even plays out is based upon ideas that all of you have given out.

Let's have a show of hands to anyone, not within 20 or so miles of uWink that picked uWink as the location you wanted? How about wanting to hold it in a place that's just a rebranded Gameworks?

All that aside, can any of you really tell me that the "theme" of this event is really going to be the celebration of the site and its users rather than an excuse to have the same 20 or so people who see each other on a frequent basis to get together and well, let's be honest, just be around each other yet again?

I've already been called a Buzzkillington for pointing out the fact that melo should save face and not have anything called a meloversary, yet, no one has acknowledged the fact that I'm not saying no melo parties. We've already established that the SoCal kids have the weekly Big Slice events, bonfires, and random get togethers that have never been considered a meloversary so why does this outting to a grown up Chuck-E-Cheese need to be the meloversary? Are you all strung out on the fact you haven't had one blinding you to the fact no one else is coming?

So fine, cast all the stones you want because i'm being no fun, yet I defy you to show any of us how you're getting anyone else involved? Because it's on the front page and someone MIGHT show up? All my argument is and ever will continue to be is calling what you're doing an all encompassing word we've all agreed to: meloversary. A name. But, the handful of you guys will just get SO angry that I even suggest this or even, now, have to publicly call "you" out for it now.

it's time for that clique in SoCal to stop acting like it's melo, and acknowledge you're just now a small percentage of this site. And to argue otherwise is defining why this site will never be big, because that small handful of people want to ignore everyone else on the site. Making melo what it always will be: small & petty.

So, go ahead, yell at me for being a voice of opposition to a name.
I don't care.

In fact, it'll just prove the point why melo, the users, find me far more in tuned with the site than any of you will ever be.

Videos: SNL: Brian Fellows Safari Planet

My secret life...

Videos: SNL: Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals

I can't stop watching this video.

Holidays Melo & Melo Users Should Celebrate

Here's a list of holidays we should celebrate here, ala Google. If I'm missing one or you feel strongly against one, feel free to leave a gspot.

Last Week of January
National Pie Week, as Brought to you by G4
The Reason Behind It

First Friday of Every Month
Clockwork Orange!

First Friday the 13th of the Year
Blame Someone Else Day

February 15th
International "Thats What She Said" Day

March 12
National Workplace Napping Day

March 22
World Water Day

Last Saturday of March (March 27, 2010)
Earth Hour

April 3rd
National Workplace Napping Day

April 5th
National Alcohol Screening Day
CSS Naked Day
April 17th
National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day
Velociraptor Awareness Day

April 26th
Hug An Australian Day

May 4th
No Pants Day Star Wars Day

May 8th
No Socks Day

May 25th
Towel Day

June 1st
Leave the Office Early Day

June 15th
Recess at Work Day

July 2nd
I Forgot Day

July 6th
Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day

July 7th
Chocolate Day

July 13th
Embrace Your Geekness Day

July 20th
National Lollipop Day

July 28th
Cow Appreciation Day

July 29th
Goose Dies At Top Gun, Court Says It Isn't Maverick's Fault.

July 31st
National Orgasm Day

September 19th
Talk Like A Pirate Day

October 8th
National Kick Butt Day

October 10th
National Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work & School Day

October 22nd
International Caps Lock Day

November 2nd
20 Years After The Berlin Wall
More Proof Here

November 21st
World Hello Day

November 30th
Stay Home Because You're Well Day

December 17th
International Talk With A Fake British Accent Day

December 23rd

December 26th
Some guy's birthday. You should buy him something!

for a transcript of this journal

transcript of this journal, write down everything you see. as seen on the Oscars! yeah for Mr. Steve Martin.

Just go and visit the slow to grow Melo Canada!



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Re: If you need to find me

ooh ooh where where?

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Re: public

/me gives you a slice of melo cake

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Re: public

Sup betch. Seen it's almost your melo day but I'll forget before then so telling you now in case you happen to check in; Happy Meloversary to one of the great old ones.

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Re: public

All right Puck I noticed you are a Republican -- I read this book called Inside 9/11: What Really Happened and if I give you the pdf of An Eye In Shadows and Legend Keeper; along with LibreOffice.org. This anthology I am overseeing with my classmates -- if you can punch up 2400-3400 words out of the box I will give you a chance to play up your following on here. My new status with CreateSpace.com is Elder Statesmen and I own a print museum. My e-mail is unclefossil@gmx.com -- I took on lulu.com and got everything back. See my http://nickpacione.tumblr.com if you want additional research because if I am able to piss off Sarah Jezabel Deva then I have a lot of weight in what I say.

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Re: public

Heya, Puck! <3

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Re: ...

cool story bro

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Re: ...

*fleeing to the bomb shelter*

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Re: ...

why, yes!

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Re: ...


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Re: public

VinnyWeapons_cousin is spamming peoples' gspots. I don't know if it's just some retard or a bot so just letting you know.

Also, thank you for the bangs, they felt great. ;p

slops's picture
Re: A little food for thought

There's no place like home.

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Re: ...not every football game is the called The Super Bowl...

Just got back on the site after years, but that post about the meloversary and that frustrating clique is exactly why I left. Melo went from a community, to a drunken picturefest of the same 20 or so people.

plurcandykidd's picture
Re: public

what ainecara said.. along with safari

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Re: public

I'm having a problem viewing the recently entries on this account on either CHROME< FIREFOX, or IE.

And that is, that they don't show up.

Also, at least two other people on this site are having the same problem.

plurcandykidd's picture
Re: public

cough.. elite... cough

also miss your face.

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Re: A little food for thought

and just like the first season of Firefly, it's too damn expensive and unprofitable to produce another season

johnix's picture
Re: public

too cool for school these days?

gotterdammerung's picture
Re: A little food for thought

Yeah, and look at what they did with it. XD

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Re: public

Is anyone else getting an error (as this: 'File upload error. Could not move uploaded file.') when they try to upload a new user photo?

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Re: A little food for thought

sometimes i think about how close this community came to being a gigantic fucking thing instead of a firefly-class transport and its just so depressing

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Re: public

Congratulations! Your fellow melo bitches have declared you as one of their favorite trolls.
Voting to see who outranks them all is going to start on Thursday, April 25th and run through Sunday April 28th. You and your brethren will vote using touches and bangs for 4 days to see who is the trolliest of all trolls.

Shoot me over a photo of your choice (does not have to be you) and something short and sweet in words.

Then prepare for battle.



(I know you don't want to play so unless you contact me saying you do, I am assuming you don't.)

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Re: A little food for thought

I do miss the Quick Post feature. I want it back.

endofarcry's picture
Re: A little food for thought

Oh Shit Son..

Looking you getting all up with reality in this bitch

blowjob's picture
Re: Oh front page, you're adorable.

love that the obscene user has chosen a handle that highlights her ignorance while the top user has chosen a handle which highlights her outcast

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Re: Oh front page, you're adorable.

Oh the joy of stupid sluts. And I reserved the joy of watching this at work...

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eastcoast's picture
Re: Oh front page, you're adorable.

buncha cum dumps, the lot of em

candy's picture
Re: Oh front page, you're adorable.

Ahhh slut shaming. Goddammit melo.

puck's picture
Re: Oh front page, you're adorable.

All I did was screen capture it.

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Re: Oh front page, you're adorable.

You're gonna start an epic feminist battle!

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Re: public

nevermind the buzzpucks

xyro's picture
galiant's picture
Re: The true melo app

can I charge $0.99 ? I would see at least $10 after Apple takes a cut

smotherme's picture
Re: The true melo app

Why bother? 3/4 of the day, it's down.

thecolorofdirt's picture
Re: Vote Sloth Pope early, often and always.

Blasphemy has never looked so awesome. :D

puck's picture
Re: The true melo app

↓ This ↓

shad3s0fgr4y's picture
Re: The true melo app

Hey that's handy.

inelegant_x's picture
Re: public

Sloth Pope did get nominated, but didn't quite make the finals.

Sorry boo.

zombiechic1016's picture
Re: public

No probs. :)

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