I know the title of this entry sounds pretty gross, but I don't know any girl who would not love to have hairless pits without the razor burn and cuts, and pricklies.

I hate shaving, really, especially since I have mutant hair that grows out within 12 hours of shaving it off. I hate that when I shave, nary a day would pass by and i can see teeny-tiny hairs peeking out from the follicles once again. I hate that I keep on cutting myself doing it. And I hate when I get the itchies from growing hair, and how gross it is when my underarms perspire during hard workouts.

But here's what I've started doing since the last time I've shaved. When the hairs started growing out again, I started plucking them out with tweezers. No joke! First off, because the hairs are super short, it doesn't hurt. Second, there's that gratifying feeling of taking them out one by one--it's like annihilating an entire enemy camp. Third, it takes a whole lot LONGER for them to grow back, and when they do grow back, they're not in the form of pricklies... they're thin hairs and they grow sporadically so all you really need to do is maintain them a little bit.

Of course, I understand that shaving is faster, but you really only have to go through the whole plucking them all out one by one just once. The next few times are just for maintenance. I also understand that waxing and laser treatments are options too, but the former is too painful and the latter is too expensive. And I know this might sound weird but it's a pretty addictive to me. Then I learned that to keep the armpit skin smooth, the best way to put deodorant is going in the direction that the hair grows--don't up-and-down your deo application process. Best deodorant I've ever used is Dove ultimate visibly smooth.

I know this is a pretty weird entry but what the heck. Just wanted to share this because smooth armpits are just as important as clear skin. I limit plucking to my armpits and eyebrows (please don't use the same tweezers, or at least disinfect it thorougly). DON'T even try plucking your bikini area.

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